Change Differently Ltd

Employee Engagement & Organisational Change Consultancy focused on re-humanising the workplace, creating amazing cultures and sustainable business results.


Webinars, Workshops & Training

We are passionate about passing on our legacy to others. Whether that is skills, knowledge or provide a safe space for people to learn from each other.

Back when Change Differently started we did a range of webinars which you are welcome to access for free.

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This year we are looking to develop more workshops, talks, and webinars to support the OD and Engagement community.

For now, if you need some bespoke Leadership Development, internal Employee Engagement Workshops or How to Manage Change Workshops get in touch for a quote.

We are also looking to provide a community for people to network virtually and have full access to private content. This is in development and anyone currently working with us will get access for free when we start piloting!