Change Differently Ltd

Employee Engagement & Organisational Change Consultancy focused on re-humanising the workplace, creating amazing cultures and sustainable business results.

Aligned with our purpose and our concept of Sustainable OD both our work is based on these core values:

  • Integrity - we practice what we preach, and keep our promises
  • People - one fundamental value is we believe people are the main drivers of success of an organisation, we believe people want to strive and do their best every day
  • Authenticity - we believe leaders and individuals in general are better when they are themselves
  • Inclusivity - everyone should have the opportunity to voice their opinions and participate in their organisation's life
  • Doing what is best for the client - sometimes this might be hard to hear, but we will help our clients understand and support them in every way possible
  • Challenging the status quo - we believe the magic happens when we stretch ourselves beyond our comfort zone and try things out of the ordinary