Change Differently Ltd

Employee Engagement & Organisational Change Consultancy focused on re-humanising the workplace, creating amazing cultures and sustainable business results.


Cinthya Quijano was born in Mexico and then had the fortune of travelling and living in 5 different countries. Her mission is to help organisations and individuals be more in life and achieve success (whatever that may mean to them).

She has always believed that people work better when they are valued, recognised and engaged at work. She brings her belief of "people have the right to be happy and enjoy work" to her consultancy. Cinthya is passionate about helping organisations and other change agents understand the value of intertwining culture change, innovation, strategy, leadership and employee engagement.

Cinthya has a BA in Organisational Psychology and a MSc in Organisational Change & Development. She has worked with a variety of organisations across sectors both in Mexico and the UK.

Cinthya is also an actress and brings this gift with her, as well as, her love for entrepeneurship. In her very rare spare time Cinthya loves to learn languages and dance.