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Diagnostics & Insights

Many times organisations find themselves with a certain “problem” but they are not sure how to fix it, or where it came from. My experience has shown me that many times organisations are experiencing the symptoms of what is really going on, but it is only when you dig deeper that you really find the root cause.

Employee Engagement is a great example of this. Let’s say your organisation has just undergone its survey; one team in particular has a low score. What we would do is see this as a sympton and look deeper to see what is causing the disengagement. Is it 1) the way the team is managed? 2) is it that they are not sure how they contribute to the wider goals? 3) is it a skill issue? 4) or is it a cultural issue lying beneath the surface.

We pride ourselves of finding out what is truly happening using a whole systems approach. This means looking at the organisation as a whole and involving people from this point onward.

Some tools we use:

  • Interviews

  • Documental research

  • Use your already existing insight

  • Surveys (if you don’t have one or a spread across geographically)

After the insight work you may want to continue with us to support you during your change journey or you may wish to do it with your inside change agents. We are here to support either way.